Bachledka Ski & Sun

This ski resort with direct access from Jezersko and free parking offers slopes suitable for both beginners and experienced skiers.

SKI Polana Sosny

The ski resort in nearby Poland (about 15 km from the cottage) offers a skiing area overlooking the dam and the Niedzice Chateau.

SKI under Bufark – Spišské Hanušovce

The small ski area with a family atmosphere offers peaceful skiing for beginners and relaxing skiing for families

 Tourism and other activities

Treetop walk Bachledka

The treetop walk is located in the heart of the species-rich forests of the Bachled Valley. We will show you how the nature of Spišská Magura is unique. Together with us you will know the local forests. You become a part of forest life and you will know many animals and plants that are hard to find.


The most visited part of Pieniny is the Dunajec River. You can take the educational path along the river, or sail it on raft.

Wooden raft sailing on Dunajec

Červený Kláštor – Lesnica (9 km route)
Majere – Lesnica (11 km route)

Rafting on Dunajci

Červený Kláštor – Lesnica (9 km route)
Majere – Lesnica (11 km route)|
Spišská Stará ves – Lesnica (17 km route)

Furthermore, we can not forget the Three Crowns, the symbol of Pieniny, which is a must see. They offer stunning views of Zamagurie and the Tatras.
Also worth mentioning is Sokolica and it's climb with beautiful views of the Dunajec River.
In Spišská Stará Ves you can visit the Museum of Pieniny Nature to discover the local fauna and flora.

Nearby Poland

Right behind the Slovakian border in Poland you can visit Niedzicky castle, which stands above the Corsten Lake (dam). Near the castle there is a rope park and a miniature park, where your little ones can go crazy.

Jezerske lake

The small lake located 3 km away from the village of Jezersko, at the northern slope of Spišská Magura at an altitude of 919 m above sea level, has a maximum length of 110 m and a width of 74 m and occupies an area of 0.60 ha. As a nature reserve of 2.18 hectares is protected since 1967.

Museums and castles

  • Červený Kláštor (Red monastery) (15 km)
  • Niedzicky castle (16 km)
  • Museum of J.M.Petzval a Dr. Michal Greisiger in Spišská Belá (19 km)
  • Museum of Folk culture – Lendak (20 km)
  • Manor house – Strážky (22 km)
  • Wooden articular church, castle in Kežmarok (27 km)
  • Museum Ždiarsky dom in Ždiar (30 km)
  • Castle and open-air museum in Stará Ľubovňa (36 km)
  • Podtatranské museum in Poprad (42 km)
  • Spišský castle (70 km)

Swimming pools

AquaCity Poprad (40 km) -
Vrbov (32 km) -
Bialka Tatranska (40 km) -
Thermal bath Vyšné Ružbachy (32 km)